Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ShopFactory Gold

ShopFactory Gold

Total Care is ShopFactory Gold plus a large number of eCommerce services as well as high availability website hosting to make sure your online store will be a success. These services allow you to extend the functionality of your ShopFactory online store dramatically. With Total Care looking after your customers is easy. Boost your sales and stay on top of your orders.

Total Care is ShopFactory Gold and much much more! Just check out the many additional services below.

Free hosting

Total Care comes with a high availability hosting package specifically designed for ShopFactory online stores.

Your website will run on two load balanced servers in different database centers, to provide you with high availability, and the built in PHP support makes publishing your website superfast. It even includes your own Internet address.

Now you can publish your shop as soon as you have built it and start accepting orders straight away.

Ongoing support

The Total Care package includes unlimited support. If you don't know how to do something or need help with any ShopFactory issue simply let us know - and we will provide you with the answer.

Free Upgrades

ShopFactory has been continuously developed since 1995. With Total Care you never have to pay for an upgrade again. It's yours with Total Care.

Payment transactions

Total Care makes complying with regulations to accept payments online easy. Now you can accept and combine virtually any payment method and and connect to many real-time payment transaction services — from PayPal to Google Checkout, and anything in between.

Don't be limited by a single provider. Statistics clearly show that your sales will increase by ten percent and more if you offer the most popular payment methods.

Total Care has partnered with online service provider GlobeCharge to make this easy. It even helps you direct your customers to your preferred payment methods, by letting you charge extra for those payment methods which cost you the most in transaction fees.

Online Order management

Manage orders with ease and offer your customers the security they expect.

With email no longer being a reliable services (studies show 5% and more of all emails sent never arrive) Total Care allows you to store and manage your orders online; accessible from anywhere in the world.

To achieve this we have partnered with GlobeCharge, the leading online order management service provider: a GlobeCharge account is included with each Total Care package.

So if you travel, you will still be able to look after your customers.

Fraud management

The GlobeCharge fraud protection system included with Total Care helps you minimize the impact fraudulent orders can have on your business. At GlobeCharge, we put you in control of your business security by helping you identify potentially fraudulent orders before you commit to them. An alert will warn you if an order could be fraudulent. You can then review it before acting — or make further safety checks, such as calling the customer.

You can even stop orders from specific countries or orders which match specific risk profiles before they get passed onto an automated payment process. This allows you to cut charge back fees by banks if you accept a stolen credit card.

After all, unlike in a brick and mortar shop in your local mall customers can only steal products you actively send to them. With Total Care you can feel more confident about doing business online.

Sales optimization

Obtaining order statistics is a vital part of commercial growth. Total Care helps you create order statistics to find out which products are your bestsellers; where most of your orders are coming from; and when you make your best sales. Armed with this information you can adjust your sales strategies for growth.

Advertising tracking

If you advertise on the Internet or use pay-per-click search engines, then you need to know how much revenue these activities generate. Total Care can track and collate this information for you and provide you with a comprehensive diagnostic of your advertising endeavors so you know which actions make money and which ones are unprofitable.

Selling digital goods

Total Care can automatically deliver data files such as software, e-books or MP3s to your customers via 'Electronic Softgoods Delivery' — as soon as payment has been approved.

If you sell virtual goods such as software, electronic books or music on the Internet, then GlobeCharge’s automatic delivery option is a business necessity.

Increase buyer confidence and improve your company’s security by using GlobeCharge to check client authenticity, accept payments and deliver software in one easy process.

If you sell software of ebooks which require the entry of unlock codes, then GlobeCharge can automatically send them to your customers as well.

Reseller tracking and Network selling

GlobeCharge allows you to manage your reseller pricing across different product and reseller groups — now you can offer different prices to different resellers.

If you need to keep track of commission payments to partners or network sellers, you are in good hands, too. GlobeCharge can automatically calculate commission payments up to five levels deep.

Membership management

Creating loyal members is a great way to boost your sales and to help you to a more steady income.

With the right Total Care account you can set up your own membership scheme with ease. Offer your members a flat discount per sale — or a loyalty scheme whereby they get more discounts when they spend more money in your shop. You can even define if and how your members can get free shipping. For example you can make shipping only free, if they spend more than $100.

Offering vouchers and discounts

When you offer customers a voucher, you have a better chance of converting a sale. With Total Care you can create vouchers which offer discounts by value or percentage — depending on your requirements.

Of course you can time limit vouchers — so that a voucher will expire if not used within 24 hours! Or limit the number of available vouchers by making the discount only available to the first 100 customers. With vouchers such as these your marketing will become much more effective when it comes to converting sales.

ShopFactory Gold



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