Saturday, March 19, 2011

Minilyrics 7.676 Listen Songs with floating Lyrics

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MiniLyrics, is a lyrics viewer and editor software written by Crintsoft. The software comes in the form of a plugin for media players, with support for the most popular ones (eg. Mediamonkey, Winamp, iTunes and Windows Media Player) as well as many less known players.
The main function of MiniLyrics is taking use of user-generated LRC files to display synchronized lyrics in audio players.
MiniLyrics Installer (NSIS) installs plug-ins to players, by detecting registry entries or letting users to choose players' installed path.
Since the version 6, it can have a portable installation.
The program does not contain advertising systems ("adware"), "spyware" or any "tag-along" extra software in its installer.

Creating and editing

MiniLyrics has a built-in lyrics editor, which is similar to Notepad but with lyrics-related (advanced) tools like taggings, synchronizing, set offset,...
It can save tags to audio files in 3 formats: ID3v2 synchronized (supported by Windows Media Player) or not synchronized (supported by Windows Media Player and iTunes) and Lyrics3v2.


Lyrics are all created by users, their files are uploaded to dual-server at No registration is required but only registered users can edit their uploaded lyrics.
Lyrics updating and deletion are executed at To update the uploaded lyrics files, users must provide file with same Artist and Title tag; or otherwise they have to delete lyrics and re-upload again if they want to change the tag. The lyrics database is claimed to be expanding everyday.


Tags from audio files retrieved through installed plug-in into MiniLyrics. It sends request to server and (automatically) download to lyrics folder (typically e.c: C:\Lyrics).
Lyrics can only be downloaded if:
  1. They are exist on server's database
  2. The Artist and Title field tag are matched with uploaded .lrc file. The uploaded file tag are not always correct since this is user-based database; if the file tags are wrong, they will be likely less or not downloaded.
The download is counted only when MiniLyrics automatically download it.
Lyrics are rated using a score of 5. Submit rating via website. The lyrics with higher rating will be preferred.

Viewing and displaying

Normal mode with default Fantasy skin and uncustomized Floating lyrics mode on top.
MiniLyrics has 3 display modes: Normal, Floating and Bar. Floating display is added since version 6, which feature a transparent display.
MiniLyrics itself contains many skin. But only "Fantasy", "MiniLyrics" and "Windows 7" have their own GUI (as version 7).
User can select their own font format, size and color to display.
LRC files are viewed with many style: Multiple line, Single line, Movie Subtitle,...
Other options
The program has anti-aliasing display, which clear jagged edge in fonts, but is turned off by default. Karaoke. Fade in lyrics, fade out background or Normal.
Download and install use keygen for serial... !!EnjoY!!


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