Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hide Your File Into JPG Picture !! Amazing Try It !!

Now you can hide your file and folders into JPG picture. Who  opens the the JPG picture he will see a picture but if you open it you will find your files & folders. Just follow the steps.

1. Download the file and open. It is portable and only 700kb. No virus.

2. Click Picture and select your picture file.

3. Click Compressed File and select your compressed file or folder.

4. Click Output Picture and select where you want to save.

5. Now click OK.

6. Now open the picture where you saved it and it is only a picture.

7. If you want your file back > right click to the picture and click open with>choose program>winrar>ok. Now this is your compressed file then click exract to>OK then you will  see a folder name dyour picture beside your picture.


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