Monday, March 28, 2011

DFX for Windows Media Player

DFX is an enhancement for the users of Windows Media Player. By using this, you are finally able to experience true high fidelity. A DFX enhanced version of this player transforms the sound of an average PC into that of an expensive stereo system placed in a perfectly designed listening environment.

Most PC's and all laptops include an "on-board" audio system used for audio playback. Unfortunately, in order to keep the manufacturing cost as low as possible most PC manufacturers tend to use rather low quality electronics for these on-board sound cards. In addition, all motherboard mounted sound cards suffer from unwanted noise and distortion due to the fact that they receive a great deal of interference from the other closely mounted digital electronics.
The DFX Adapter uses high quality audio components, specially selected for low noise, low distortion, and high audio separation. In addition, the audio systems in the DFX Adapter are located away from the digital noise generated by the PC motherboard.
These two important features allow the DFX Adapter to dramatically improve your PC audio quality.
Surround Sound Processing
The DFX Adapter provides the outputs for stereo systems as well as all six outputs necessary for 5.1 Surround Sound Systems.
The DFX Adapter also generates a full Surround Sound audio field from your normal stereo MP3 files. This makes full use of your Surround Sound audio system with normal stereo audio files.
Highly Improves Audio Recording Quality
If you plan to use your PC for recording, for example recording live music events or converting your LP record collection into MP3 files, the DFX Adapter is a very affordable way to insure top quality recordings.
The audio recording systems built into most PC's are typically very poor, even much worse than the audio playback systems.
The DFX Adapter gives you a recording quality that is only equaled by recording systems costing hundred's of dollars.


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